Timenote released for iOS

We released "Timenote" for iOS (iPhone / iPod touch).

★Timenote won App Store Rewind 2011 in Japan App Store.
★Timenote won a No.1 business paid apps ranking in Japan App Store.

What is Timenote?

The concept of the app is a "housekeeping book about time".
  • Peter Drucker said, "Know Thy Time. Effective executives, in my observation, do not start with their tasks. They start with their time. And they do not start out with planning. They start by finding out where their time actually goes. Then they attempt to manage their time and to cut back unproductive demands on their time. Finally they consolidate their “discretionary” time into the largest possible continuing units."
  • Housekeeping book, that manages our important money, is a widely recommended and popular tool. + "Time is more valuable than money." -> We should manage our time more than money. We with we could manage our time as housekeeping book.
Timenote will achieves that.

What Timenote can do

1. Quickly record your time and fix it
Timenote has ideas to record your life log quickly and easily.
- Start your log at least one step.
- Fix the time about a log and another logs around it at the same time.
- To prevent to forget starting record, you can see history chart at start view.
2. See the time you spent and know your trend
You can log your time (exercise, housework, study and so on), view history and summary charts, and know your trend.
3. Know the difference between the result and the goal at a glance
If you have an ideal use of time, try to set goals. You can know the difference between the result and the goal at a glance. By checking and concerning about that regularly, you can continue to improve the use of time.
Other use cases
- Recording exacise time to prevent goofing off
- Recording the time studying for exam
- Timecard
- In business consulting, recording the time spent on each customer

Please send your suggestions or bug reports using "More" > "Give Us Feedback/Report Bug" form in the app or send email to timenotedev [at] gmail.com.
When you introduce Timenote on your publication and others, we would love to know that. And feel free to use screenshots on this page.

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